Welcome to the Art of Photography.
On this website you will find the work of Clive Sawyer, a freelance fine art photographer and gallery owner who produces his work on a variety of different mediums (SEE PRINT MEDIA) using the latest printing methods. In most cases each piece is one of a limited edition, signed and numbered.
Large pieces  come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Once the signed limited edition of an image has been sold out it will be deleted from the database with the exception of a low resolution image for record purposes and in some cases used in home decor items.Clive will not sell the image as an unsigned/unnumbered fine art print before or after the assigned numbered edition sells out.
In all cases a bespoke image size can be requested and will be included into one of the editions that is appropriate.
Clive will willingly undertake commissions from clients who have a specific request and is always available to assist interior designers.